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What defines Customer Service? And more so, Online Customer Service.

It is simple physics (as we found out with experience). You put a Customer Service button on your website; a web visitor clicks on it for help – and finds an 800 number to dial. The 800 numbers for Customer Service that appear on websites are about as common as graffiti on the walls of downtown Manhattan and the experience of calling one; about as pleasant as having a three week old pizza cold out of the refrigerator.

Imagine a different experience. The web visitor clicks on the Customer Service button and a Live Chat window pops open with a message like, “Hello! This is Julia from XYZ Systems. How may I help you today?â€? The visitor is amazed and then begins typing away questions for the Live Operator at the other end. The Live Operator answers efficiently while being friendly and courteous at the same time. As soon as this live conversation begins; the visitor builds a relationship with your website – an experience that he/she is sure to remember.

As more and more of the key functions and procedures of businesses are being moved online; the global marketplace is becoming ruthlessly competitive. Customer Service is one key function of businesses that is set to gain most from being moved online, in terms of quality, repeat visitors and financial feasibility. In our five years of being in the industry of providing Live Help, we have seen some big companies with large marketing muscles turn away from Live Chat for Customer Service as something that will never take off. On the other hand, we have also seen smaller, wiser companies embrace Live Chat for Customer Service as an initiative for their future. Today, after years, the smaller companies that chose Live Chat have stood the test of time and have grown – investing little by little into each conversation with each existing loyal customer.

As traditional influences such as location, looks and convenience are being removed from the typical business strategies, the playing field has become level for many online businesses. Paradigms of survival are shifting from survival of the fittest to survival of the wisest. It is the key, therefore, to have a strategy that exploits the competitive advantage of Online Customer Service because in many cases it is becoming the key to survival.

With Live Chat Services for helping out your Online Customer in real-time, it is important to not think of Customer Service as either being provided in person or online. Because now it is both, together through a simple Live Chat with a human Customer Service Representative the Internet is a 24/7 medium and customers logging in to your website from all parts of the world expect superior service at any hour. The key here is to meet the increased expectations of the online customer.

Even though the traditional customer service (like the famous 800 numbers, website knowledgebase and emails) will continue to exist, Live Chat, on the other hand, is as alive, dynamic and interactive as the web customer demands. It is fast, intelligent, easy and meaningful.

Live Chat provides Customer focused human interaction, ultimately leading to higher rates of conversion. For more information about what Live Chat can do for your online business, please click on the Live Operator button and chat with our Live Customer Service Representative.


Dubai is very warm and when it gets warm you get thirsty, quench your thirst in style with a custom Mug!

Welcome to the World’s Largest Collection of World Flag Mugs and Gifts

JDB Productions – Window on the World

Welcome to the Home to the World’s largest Collection of Flag Gifts and Collectibles. We have flags of all types, from country flags, to world regional and even city flags such as Berlin and Pittsburgh. Every item is fully customizable, so if you do not like the font change it, if you want a stein instead of a mug, you can change that as well.

If you are looking for a particular Country Flag and can not find it (we would be surprised) or would like us to develop a specific product for you, please contact us at If we are able to publish your request, we will have it ready to purchase within 72 hours.

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Past Life Regression Session in Dubai

Dear? Freinds,? 

Like to inform you that Past life Regression session is going to be conducted by Akhilesh on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Nov’07 in
Dubai. ? He is the transformation leader known internationally for various healing programme and? coming to Dubai from Cosmic
Rhythm, India.
Purpose of attending Past Regression session may be –? ? To get to the depth of issues that prevent us from realizing our potential today.-? ? To empty mind from its preconceptions, learns to work with enthusiasm, resulting in adopting better strategies-? ? To resolve relationship issues.-? ? To communicate and work on gender issue without fear shame or anger-? ? To understand how fear guilt, anger and phobias affect life, blocking the path of abundance.-? ? For the spiritual development of self. Past Life regression session can be attended individually or may be in the group depend on your interest and requirement.

For more information contact or visit:

Oil Field Consulting Firm

I am Involved in Oilfield in United States of America. I am interested in learning if there are needs for Professional Drilling or Professional Completion work on wells in Dubai? I am interested in setting up office there if there is a need for Quality Personel that I handle.


Joe Bill Moad