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We are currently interviewing for exclusive Distributor, exclusive Sales Agencies & exclusive Dealers to sell these incredible COLD IN THE SUMMER and HOT IN THE WINTER outdoor, portable Therapy Spas.? ?  They are fully self contained, require no plumbing and are the Ultimate in FULL CYCLE BODY THERAPY.?  ALWAYS the perfect temperature, ranges from 62 degrees to 104 degrees outdoors, thirty degree temperature variance with outdoor ambient temperature.?  Highest Quality Spa Appliance Available, 20 years experience.?  Made in HOT PHOENIX ARIZONA U.S.A.? 

If interested, please visit and forward? your contact information and? brief sales and marketing company history for immediate confidential consideration.? ?  These products have been “real world” tested in Phoenix (120 degrees) for three summers and they work perfect!

Great, profitable opportunity for the right applicant ready to? secure volume orders.? ? Four models to choose from!?  These are high end appliances, not cheap toys!? 

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable business…..

Best regards, Charles Reynolds II, President? 

Making Dubai The First Virtual Cable TV Operator

Now that Dubai is a world city I think it only? fitting that it should be the Worlds first vritual cable company opreator.

Our company Digital Utilities has compression technology to transport video thru the Internet. We do this in the MPEG format which is the broadcasting standard. The amount of bandwith required is around 1.5 meg.

What we are proposing is that from Dubai we have our servers at the head ends of other television stations from around the world, and creating a virtual cable company that has thousands of channels tied to the Internet. This in turn would be broadcasted to? anyboby around the world direct to the Television.

Our goal is to make Dubai a world studio city? Transporting movies in the same fashion thus greatly eliminating piracy from the movie industry.

I would like? demonstrate this to anyone that has an intrest.

I can be contacted at ?