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Immigration services for Canada

Transglobe Consultancy Services Inc., is a Toronto, Canada based immigration consultancy firm. Our members are licensed by CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) to provide immigration advice. We believe in strict confidentiality for our clients and provide ethical and professional services for Canadian immigration for Skilled workers, Business Visas, Work permits, Student visas, Provincial Nominee class.

If you are in business and planning to move to Canada with your family we have tailor made programs under Provincial Nominee class. PNPs are usually process faster than other class of immigration applicants.

If you need any help for the hassle free immigration process please contact us on or call us on 1-4168228552.

Regression Session


We like to inform that Mr. Akhilesh who is co-creator of Cosmic Rhythm, India is visiting to Dubai from 28th January’08 to 3rd Feburary’08 (Monday to Sunday) to conduct Past Life Regression Session and Reiki Seminars. Akhilesh is a very senior Reiki Master of high repute and has lead psycho-spiritual workshops in different parts of the world.? 

? Purpose of attending Past Life Regression session may be:-? To get to the depth of issues that prevents us from realizing our potential today.-? To empty mind from its preconceptions, learns to work with enthusiasm, resulting in adopting better strategies– You may get answers of purpose in life.-? To resolve relationship issues.– Personal issues like loneliness, sadness, depression can be overcome– On basis of understanding clearly, you can create new feature/life by choice.– You can create abundance of love, joy and money by choice-? To understand how fear guilt, anger and phobias affect life, blocking the path of abundance.– You can feel fulfillment within yourself-? For the spiritual development of self. “Regression session reveals how past and present lives can affect our future lives. “—————————————————————————————As an advice we like to suggest that Akhilesh is very senior master in this field and really it is worth to attend his any of seminars and spend time with him. May be possible that one can get new dimensions in his/her life after attending seminar.And to take above benefits and avail this opportunity, register yourself as soon as possible on or visit S

$3.63 Trillion To Be Spent On Middle East Development!

The Middle East will spend an incredible $3.63Trillion on Mega Project and infrastructure development according to the latest report published by the think tank Fast Future and Global Futures and Foresight. These findings will debut tomorrow at the TDIM 08 show being held in Dubai? on Jan. 20 & 21.

You can get the latest? information about the incredible Mega Projects being developed in the? Middle East by going here: ? 

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