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Cheap Accommodation Dubai

�Cheap accommodation’ this termcreates an image of large rooms withlong rows of beds, very little space and shared toilets, this was the case inearlier days but now the situation has totally changed. Most of the hotelsclaim for cheaper accommodation and provides far better facilities than wereprovided by their predecessors.

If you want to get a cheapaccommodation then there are chances that you may have to comprise on space,you will get a small room and a toilet. If you are on a business trip and haveto stay outside for attending meeting and seminars and just coming to the roomat night then this type of room is a best option for you on reasonable ratesand will be comfortable too.
If you are going to a place whichis particularly hot, then probably you would be looking for a room with airconditioner, in this situation you should look for the best option possible atthe best possible price. So cheapaccommodation should not be the priority of the traveler, it would be better ifhe could find the most affordable accommodation because it will also be pocketfriendly for the traveler.
Facilities and amenities suitingyour budget are available easily. You can also get cheap accommodation if youare used to sleep in dormitories (provided it should be clean) and sharing atoilet, these types of accommodation are available almost in every city andthey also provide good facilities.
If you want to check out forvarious offers for the best deals then there are number of websites and usingthem you can make your bookings and enjoy certain privileges and discounts.Often, hotels use these travel sites as agents in order to get good and widecustomer base.

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Ehlan Wa Sehlan Marhaba Ya Habibi-Live Chat Services are venturing into new domains

Ehlan Wa Sehlan Marhaba Ya Habibi

Yes, Live Chat Greeters are venturing into new domains, and the most exciting one of them all is UAE.

For the past 6 years, Live Greeter have been a part of the World Wide Web, contributing its share in the marketing arena, working with the novel concept of live chat support on web sites. Until now, the sites we have been in business with have been based in the West and the East Asia. There has been relatively lesser work from South-East Asia and almost none from the Middle East. We have decided to break this chain. While our experts are studying in detail on the consumer patterns for live chat customer support in the UAE, we are preparing to meet with the working challenges there in full spirit.

Of course, initially there are always issues to take care of, but we are young and still remember our start from a scratch and our progress since then. This is why we are high-spirited about this and keen on taking the world in our stride.

The recent e-market survey on B2C commerce has named UAE as one of the most powerfully emerging e-commerce consumers. Managing B2C commerce is hard enough and people easily go astray, not really bothered with a complicated site or unwanted rates. Not many wait to browse more and search for required deals. If the consumer loyalty cannot be built in the first instance, the question of having a permanent traffic does not arise at all. In order to achieve both, either the site has to be awfully simple-read that as one with least content and information possible, or the site needs to have a vigilant, efficient, present-minded live support.

UAE has a growing market, for everything from electronics to sports equipment to food to luxury items to cars etc. The majority of the internet users lie in the age bracket of 19-30 years. Where mostly this age group can converse in English, a lot may find it difficult browsing through English sites, let alone conversing in English. This is why, if need arises, we will be offering bilingual live chat customer support too. This is a milestone step for us as well as the consumers in UAE.

We take pride in training our Live chat Operators according to the entity they will be marketing. A salesperson is of no use if he does not know his way around the shop. This actually holds true for a web greeter as well.

This is why we deem it important to train out live chat customer support team before placing them on your site; we have experts who conduct these training workshops.

The advantage of B2C commerce is faster and convenient shopping, with instantaneous changes in the prices acceptable and the enhanced buying experience, thanks to the advent of DSL and ADSL. This is what we plan to make UAE’s population aware of.