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Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens

Sheikh Mohammad rashid garden
The developers of Dubai mega ecological project, the Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, have revealed the master plan for the $60 billion project.
Designed by architect Eric Kuhne of London-based CivicArts, the urban development will include educational, financial and commercial facilities, iconic civic buildings and more than 150 km of waterfront and wetlands. The project will be linked by a network of canals, pools and waterways, Kuhne said in a statement.



Anyone need help in investing or setteling in Dubai?


Well i do agree that every one buying properties in dubai for many reasons but many times investers bump into such agents who are just desparet to sell their stock no matter what troubles invester will face later on &
result is many people find this market a fraud market so since im into this business couple of years ago, my priority is not only getting you a right property to invest infact giving strong estimate what returns will be in future & more over educate you the whole legal process which at the moment people find very complex. So please feel free to ask anything about property field or any help needed with your investments. Thank you.


Yousuf Javed

Investment consultant

Emaar Goes Overboard

Emaar has increased its annual service charges for maintenance of houses in certain communities by more than 100%. Those affected by this can vent their feelings here.