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UAE elected to chair Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

Abu Dhabi, Nov 24th, 2009 – Khalifa University of Science,Technology and Research (KUSTAR) has announced that UAE has been elected to chair the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT) until its next meeting.

This announcement follows the conclusion of the National Coordinators meeting and Cyber Learning workshop, which was hosted by KUSTAR and held under the United Nation’s (UN) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

KUSTAR hosted and organised the two initiatives as part of its strategy and commitment to web-based development, consolidation and utilisation of standardised educational and training programmes in nuclear sciences and applications.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mualla, KUSTAR ‘s Abu Dhabi Campus Manager commented: “We’re proud that the UAE was unanimously appointed to chair the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT) until its next meeting. It is important for industry experts to meet and discuss important aspects in developing nuclear education, as the region looks to strengthen the knowledge capabilities in this field.” Dr. Mawieh Oulabi, from IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation, added: “Having KUSTAR host these ANENT activities and the UAE government being elected to chair the network are both important steps for the government and is a testament to its contribution to the human resource development in the field of nuclear training and education.” KUSTAR has also taken a leading role in developing plans to strengthen the human resource capability of the UAE as it has partnered with the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation to provide Emiratis with an opportunity to pursue a bachelor or master’s degree in nuclear engineering inside the UAE or abroad through the UAE Nuclear Energy Scholarship Program.

The IAEA Technical Cooperation Project RAS/0/047 – “Supporting Web-based Nuclear Education and Training through Regional Networking” was established for the Asia and the Pacific region with the objective of supporting the web-based development. ANENT has provided the nuclear energy learning and training material used in national and regional curriculum through its website

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Brands that Tweet

It may come as a surprise to many, several multinational organisations now employ ‘Tweeting Experts’ to ‘Twitter enable’ themselves, either to create a viral buzz or just to be a hip brand.

Every company has its own experience on Twitter. But whether a business has been here for a couple of years or just a few months, its twitterers tend to find that certain approaches lead to success.

Twitter provides several case studies of successful blue chip organsiations that use Twitter to enhance their corporate visibility online and help them service their online community. See

Here are the 50 most mentioned brands on Twitter in a single day!

Brands that Tweet

If you think your organisation qualifies to rank in the regional Top 50 list, send your stats of followers and tweets generated to

Watch this space for ‘Rules of thumb for Twittering when you are a corporate?’.

Free Incoming calls for Hajj

Etisalat today announced it has made it affordable for its customers to keep in touch with their loved ones when conducting their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Etisalat UAE customers who use the Mobily network while roaming in Saudi Arabia will not be charged for receiving voice calls during the Hajj period. Etisalat customers can also make voice calls to the UAE for a reduced price of AED 3 per minute.

Khalifa Al Shamsi, Sr. vice president Marketing said: “Etisalat is committed to providing the best services and the greatest value to its customers, particularly during the Hajj period. Our free incoming roaming service and the initial roaming deposit waiver will help keep our subscribers connected to their families and friends” This offer is available for GSM post-paid and Wasel pre-paid customers between 15 to 30 November.

Also Check Healthcare Middle East Portal to know about H1N1 during Hajj

Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: The evolution of the Web

Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: The evolution of the Web

Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: The evolution of the Web

From ‘Folks-onomy’ to ‘Me-onomy’

The web is becoming personal and mobile. Web 2.0 had the following characteristics:

  • The Widely Read-Write Web
  • Focused on Communities
  • Blogs
  • Sharing Content
  • XML, RSS
  • Web Applications
  • Tagging
  • Google
  • Cost per click
  • Rich Media, Viral

Web 3.0 is about semantic web – Personalization, intelligent search and behavioral advertising, among other things:

  • The Portable Personal Web
  • Focused on Individuals
  • Digital Lifestream
  • Consolidating Dynamic Content
  • The Semantic Web
  • Widgets, Drag & Drop Mashups
  • User Behavior
  • iGoogle
  • Brand Advocates
  • Tribevertising (FOAF- Friend of a friend!)

Some of the major players who have embraced the Web 3.0 standards are:

My personal favorite is

Send your take on Web 3.0 to

Definitely Dubai New Slogan for DUbai Tourism

definetly-dubaiDubai Tourism Department has launched a new compaign to promote tourism from UK & Europe. The New Compaign will be called “Definitely Dubai” and is set to run after mid November.

DTCM the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commence Marketing along with the hotel and travel industry has doubled its sales promotion efforts in the UK and Europe to increase tourist arrivals in Dubai.

UAE to become top destination According to the Country Brand Index, compiled by brand consultancy FutureBrand, The UAE, is one of three nations likely to become top tourism destinations in the next five years, Emirates Business has reported. China and Vietnam are also listed. The index is based on a survey of about 3,000 business and leisure travellers from nine countries, with the USA, Canada and Australia named as the top three destinations this year.

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