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Twitter’s Business Model

Twitter’s Business Model

The first news of the earthquake that hit Concepcion in Chile was communicated to the outside world through Twitter, followed by mobile phones, followed by new media followed by print media – In that order!

The question then is, How does Twitter monetize its empowering reach and capitalize on its growing popularity?

Major Web 2.0 companies, such as Facebook and YouTube, have repeatedly said they’d build their audience first and find revenue streams later. But those giants have shown that converting eyeballs into money hasn’t exactly been easy; Facebook has yet to start generating meaningful profit, and Google has said on a number of occasions that it has yet to find the right business model for monetizing YouTube’s considerable traffic.

To the best of my knowledge, today Twitter makes a negligible amount of revenue from users that send and receive messages as SMS texts, and overall loses an undisclosed amount of money. Yet, the service has grown to more than 2 million per month, ten times more than April 2007, according to As of March 2009, 300,000 active Twitter users per week sent 3.5 million updates per day!

One of Twitter’s most likely revenue streams is through advertisements in search results where messages could be tied to what users were searching on. Twitter recently purchased Summize, a search engine specifically designed to sift through Twitter messages, for a reported $15 million in cash and stock.

Another possible revenue stream is corporations paying to use the service to stay in frequent contact with their customers. Several large companies, including Dell, Whole Foods, and JetBlue in the US, have already set up corporate presences on Twitter to let customers know about special offers and even answer customer questions.

Here is what Twitter has decided to do, for now.

The idea is that Twitter will let advertisers sign up to have their ads show up as tiny 140-word posts when users search through Twitter or through other search engines that use its API.

A search for, say, “internet services,” may generate an ad for Cyber Gear. The ads will only show up in search results, which means users who don’t search for something won’t see them in their regular Twitter streams. The services will have the option of displaying the ads, and Twitter will share revenue with those that do.

No rocket science, but guaranteed to generate wads of GREEN. Elementary Dear Watson.

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Fajram Collection: Guided tour of Islamic art

Rare Islamic artworks from The Fajram Collection came alive at Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) on Wednesday afternoon.

With Dr Ronald Hawker, Associate Professor from the Department of Art and Design, Zayed University conducting a guided tour of the Islamic Art exhibition, the visitors were instantly transported back to the 13th century – the period most of the fabled collection belonged to.

“There is a story behind each artwork,” said Dr Hawker as he gave a detailed overview of the collection which comprised Quran manuscripts, illustrated books of science, mathematics and poetry; paintings and miniatures, glazed pottery; woodwork; textiles; jewellery; carpets and coins.

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Sharjah Museums Department celebrates Arabic Language Day

sharjah-caligraphy-museumSharjah, 21st Feb. 2010 In line with USESCO’s International Mother Language day Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) celebrated the Arabic Language Day on Feb. 21 .The move was to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The initiative is part of SMD’s commitment to highlight the importance of the Arabic language in the community, and to maintain national heritage, history and identity.

In celebration of the Arabic Language Day, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum hosted artist Khalifa Al Sheimi who gave a lecture on the types of calligraphy and tools used. The museum also organized an exhibition called “Calligraphy as an art” where tools used in calligraphy were on display. Al Eslah School Museum also displayed some of the writing tools used in the past in the United Arab Emirates.

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Dubai to get first ME stem cell treatment centres

Dubai-based Medical Supplies Company (MSC), is planning to launch the Middle East’s first research centre for stem-cell treatment, with an investment of up to Dh60 million ($16.3 million).MSC plans to open two specialised medical clinics in the UAE by the end of this year that will treat patients with cord-blood stem cells, according to a report in The National.

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Qatar Airways…A Brief snapshot!!!

One of the finest airlines to grace the sky, Qatar Airways has constantly set new benchmarks in the aviation industry and redefined hospitality in the skies. Serving more than 85 destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia, Qatar Airways has consistently been voted amongst the best in terms of customer satisfaction and on-time performance. The airline has Doha International airport as its base operating plentiful flights to Dubai, one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Middle-East. By entering into code-sharing arrangements with numerous airlines like Asiana, Nippon, Garuda Indonesia, Lufthansa, Malaysia, MEA; it offers its patrons a chance to redeem their Qmiles to over 300 destinations with its partner airlines. By successfully completing the world’s first commercial passenger flight powered by GTL (Gas to liquid) fuel, it has reaffirmed its commitment to eco-friendliness and has established itself as the technology leader in the aviation space.Offering unmatched in-flight entertainment, Qatar Airways is the first international airline to introduce live digital satellite TV on board its Airbus A330 and A340 aircrafts. Being the recipient of the 2009 Skytrax Award for the Best Economy Class Airline, each economy class seat is equipped with state-of-the-art Thales entertainment system and offers a seat pitch of upto 34 inches with individual seat-back TV screens. Touch screen televisions are also offered to passengers on board the Boeing 777 aircrafts.First Class passengers are offered seats that provide legroom of about 6.5 feet along with massage functionalities. These seats have an added advantage that they can be folded into flat beds with feather duvets. Complimentary access to the premium terminal and additional baggage allowance are some of the luxuries which first-class passengers enjoy who don’t believe in buying cheap tickets on their preferred airline. With world-class lounges that offer special treatments like facials, massages to in-transit passengers Qatar Airways has emerged as the air-carrier of choice amongst the swish set. Little wonder it is called the ‘World’s 5star Airline.’Cheap Tickets to Dubai Qatar Airways