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Contemporary South Asian Art Exhibition To Hit Dubai Art Scene

The latest extravaganza in Dubai’s creative landscape is ‘Hues of Harmony’, a multi-faceted art exhibition taking place from 12-14th June 2010 at the InterContinental Hotel in Festival City. The exhibition will showcase contemporary South Asian artworks including paintings, sculptures and mixed-media performances by 20 renowned Indian and Pakistani artists. ‘Hues of Harmony’ will highlight the notion of art as a universal language able to unify people, cultures and countries, promoting peace and harmony.

Exhibiting artists include Vijay Shelar, A. Q. Arif and Avijit Dutta, Manohar Desai, Rajendra Kapse, Mashkoor Raza, Salman Farooqi, Nadia Hussain and Ghalib Baqar, amongst others, all of whom have made a significant mark on the international art scene. Dubai based Indian artist Zainab Mirza will also debut her work, and has created paintings especially for ‘Hues of Harmony’. Mirza was inspired to begin painting by friend and mentor, legendary Indian artist M.
F. Husain, who recently exhibited in Dubai and will be attending the ‘Hues of Harmony’ opening.

“Indian and Pakistani art is becoming increasingly visible at art exhibitions across the globe. Many people do not realise the strong inter-connection between the two cultures, and how this is portrayed in the artwork of both Indian and Pakistani artists alike. I am honoured to bring ‘Hues of Harmony’ to the UAE community, and hope to showcase the strong cultural affinities in the art displayed, and how, despite years of unsettlement between the two countries, art is a means to open dialogue and promote unity amongst mankind,” stated Jyoti Karmali, Director of ‘Hues of Harmony’.

The exhibition will combine artwork, music, poetry and live performances, designed especially to emphasize the art world’s vast mediums and limitless borders. It will be centred on using art as a platform to bridge gaps between individuals, societies and long-standing traditions.

The private opening of the show on Saturday 12th June will feature an incredible performance by artists Fahim Hamid Ali from Pakistan and Achut Palav from India, painting ‘live’ to the beats of Sufi music ‘Om’ and ‘Allah’. The two paintings will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to The Children’s Hope Foundation, a Dubai-registered charity that works to change the lives of children who are disadvantaged through illness, disability or poverty.

Brought to life by Jyoti Karmali, generously supported by Chivas in line with their ethos of brotherhood and chivalry, and supported by The InterContinental Hotel, ‘Hues of Harmony’ will be open to the public on 13th and 14th June from 12:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs.

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Dubai Desert Safari a popular activity despite hot weather

Dubai Desert Safari Group PhotoDesert Safari has always been a popular tour of Dubai. The hot sunny weather of Dubai has not kept tourists and locals from enjying this great activity. More and more people are enjoing this exciting excursion in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The travel agents in Dubai are offering special activities during the safari which make it ever more enjoyable even in high tempratures.

Dubai desert safari usually stars from your hotel and than you drive toward hatta oman road o Lehbab or Avir areas. The driver than ake you into the sand dunes and let you experience the drive in sand, going u and down the dunes and using different tactics of balance and seed in the sand.

For more details and booking the Dubai Desert Safari please visit Travel & Culture Services or Exotic Dubai tours Safari.

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UAE National Football Team Leaves For Training Camp In Germany And Austria

The UAE National Football Team and its Head Coach, Mr. Sreèko Katanec, left Dubai today on a Lufthansa flight to Munich to kick off preparations for the Asian Cup in Germany and Austria. Mr. Tobias Ernst, Manager of the Luft¬hansa Sales Of-fice in Abu Dhabi, along with Mr. Juergen Marske, Director Airport Service and Ground Operations Southeast Europe, Africa and Middle East/Pakistan, greeted the players at the Lufthansa check-in counters at 6am today. As a symbolic gift and a token of friendship be-tween Germany and the UAE, they presented Mr. Sreèko Katanec and Mr. Saeed Al Kas, the captain of the UAE National Football Team, with an official T-shirt of the German Na-tional Football Team, bearing the original signatures of the players..Mr. Tobias Ernst said: “It was a great pleasure to meet and greet the UAE National Foot-ball Team. We are very happy to have them fly Lufthansa and wish them all the best in their preparations for the Asian Cup and a pleasant flight and wonderful stay while in Ger-many.” He further commented that Germany and Munich in particular was a popular sum-mer destination for travelers from the UAE and across the Middle East, stating that Luf-thansa provided unparalleled travel choice for UAE residents visiting Europe.

The Lufthansa Group operates 34 flights a week from the UAE to Germany, Switzerland and Austria; Lufthansa flies daily from Dubai to Munich and daily to Frankfurt, offering best connections to an unparalleled 123 destinations in Europe and more than 20 in North America. Lufthansa also serves Abu Dhabi 6 times a week from Frankfurt. SWISS serves Dubai daily from Zurich, while Austrian Airlines flies to Dubai from Vienna on a daily basis.

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Cheap Tickets to Dubai

Dubai, a modern metropolis considered by many as being the pearl of the Middle East is beautifully nestled on the southern shore of the United Arab Emirates.

Its very name conjures up the images of the endless, sparkling blue-water beaches outlined by soft white sand which are complemented perfectly by the bright sunshine all year long, awe-inspiring desert, spectacular shopping malls and lavish hotels, incredibly modern architecture, glittering gold souks, dynamic and pulsating nightlife.

A wide range of museums and heritage villages provide a fascinating insight into the country’s rich and deep-rooted cultural heritage. Every year tourists from around the globe get on to the flights tickets to Dubai.

Visit Dubai and get charmed with the warm hospitality and courtesy of its people which is what they are particularly known for. Dubai has also gained its reputation of being a shopper’s paradise throughout the year.

The Dubai Shopping Festival being the most famous of all shopping events attracts millions of visitors and is particularly good for bargain hunters from across the globe. During the festival the entire emirate turns into one massive shopping mall. No holiday to Dubai is complete without a trip through the many souks in Bur Dubai and Diera.
Holidays to Dubai
Cheap Tickets to Dubai fare finder helps you find and book the best fare for holiday to Dubai.

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‘Go Green’ at Work

A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work, and good news for the bottom line. Here are some practical eco-ideas to implement at work:

1. Optimise your electricity needs.

Artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of the electricity use in office buildings. The simple act of moving your desk towards a window helps cut down electricity use, saving money and the environment. Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you’re leaving any room for 15 minutes or more and utilize natural light when you can. Make it a policy to buy Energy Star-rated light bulbs and fixtures, which use at least two-thirds less energy than regular lighting, and install timers or motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they’re not needed. One 100 watt light bulb left on for one hour every day consumes 36.5 kilowatt hours of energy per year. Multiply that by the millions of lights left on every day, and it’s obvious that a simple way to reduce energy dependency is to simply turn lights off when they are not needed!

2. Maximize computer efficiency

Computers in the business sector unnecessarily waste $1 billion worth of electricity a year. Make it a habit to turn off your computer and the power strip it’s plugged into when you leave for the day. Otherwise, you’re still burning energy for nothing. During the day, setting your computer to go to sleep automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent. Remember, screen savers don’t save energy. Make it a policy to invest in energy-saving computers, monitors, and printers and make sure that old equipment is properly recycled. Look for a recycler that has pledged not to export hazardous e-waste and to follow other safety guidelines. Old computers that still work, and are less than five years old, can be donated to organsations that will refurbish them and find them new homes.

3. Print smarter

The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. Make it a habit to print on both sides or use the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts. Avoid color printing and print in draft mode whenever feasible. Make it a policy to buy chlorine-free paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled content. Also consider switching to a lighter stock of paper or alternatives made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, or kenaf. Recycle toner and ink cartridges and buy remanufactured ones.

4. Go paperless when possible

Make it a habit to think before you print. Could this be read or stored online instead? When you receive unwanted catalogs, newsletters, magazines, or junk mail, request to be removed from the mailing list before you recycle the item. Make it a policy to post employee manuals and similar materials online, rather than distribute print copies. They’re easier to update that way too.

5. Ramp up your recycling

Make it a habit to recycle everything your company collects. Just about any kind of paper you would encounter in an office, including fax paper, envelopes, and junk mail, can be recycled. So can your old cell phone, PDA, or pager. Make it a policy to place recycling bins in accessible, high-traffic areas and provide clear information about what can and cannot be recycled.

6. Develop a ‘green purchasing’ policy

Make it a policy to purchase office supplies and furniture made from recycled materials.

7. Watch what you eat

Make it a habit to bring your own mug and dishware for those meals you eat at the office. Make it a policy to provide reusable dishes, silverware, and glasses. Switch to Fair Trade and organic coffee and tea, and buy as much organic and local food as possible for parties and other events. Provide filtered drinking water to reduce bottled-water waste.

8. Rethink your travel

Make it a habit to take the train, bus, or metro when feasible instead of a rental car when traveling on business. If you have to rent a car, some rental agencies now offer hybrids and other high-mileage vehicles. Make it a policy to invest in video conferencing and other technological solutions that can reduce the amount of employee travel.

9. Reconsider your commute

Make it a habit to carpool, bike, or take transit to work, and/or telecommute when possible. If you need to drive occasionally, consider joining a car-sharing service like instead of owning your own wheels. Make it a policy to encourage telecommuting (a nice perk that’s also good for the planet!) and make it easy for employees to take alternative modes of transportation by subsidizing commuter checks, offering bike parking, or organizing a carpool board.

10. Create a healthy office environment

Make it a habit to use nontoxic cleaning products. Brighten up your cubicle with plants, which absorb indoor pollution. Make it a policy to buy furniture, carpeting, and paint that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and won’t off-gas toxic chemicals. Modular components form the core of an environmentally efficient office design. Buying modular furniture helps you mix, match and grow without the need to reinvest in an entirely new look simplifying future purchasing decisions and reducing waste.

If more people “Go for the Green Option” in their daily work life, the positive benefits will multiply. Start by making more personal decisions with the environment in mind. Then help increase awareness by spreading the word to your colleagues, teams, bosses, suppliers and customers. It all adds up!

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