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Ramadan in Dubai from 1st August

The holy Month of Ramadan is just about here and possibly 1st of August will be the 1st day of the holy month of Ramadan the 9th month of Islamic calendar . Here are few points to note specially for non Muslim visitors to Dubai.The traditional Greeting of Ramadan is “Ramadan Mubarak” and “Ramadan Kareem”  (kareem means generous and mubarak means blessings).

Suhoor is the meal in the morning just before sunrise – it is usually a light meal.

Iftar is the time of the evening meal just after sunset, traditionally a light snack of dates and water, although this might no be so obvious in Dubai.

During Ramadan, Muslims observe the following rituals.

No eating, drinking, smoking or sex between sunrise (fajr) and sunset (maghrib, rather than magrib).

Rules & Regulations

t is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours (including in your car). There may be a fine of Dhs 2000 / 2500 or 1 or 2 month jail sentence.

Tourists young kids can eat in the hotel room or in discreet restaurants available in major hotels during the day.

It is respectful and polite to dress modestly during Ramadan – modest means shoulders and legs should be covered.

During the tours and desert safaris do loud musinc belly dance and alcoholic drinks are offered.

Bars in Dubai are usually still open but strictly for non Muslims.

Car stereos should be turned down – loud music, especially rock or similar music, is disrespectful

More details about Ramadan in Dubai and cultural activities cab be found here

Go Green With Cloud Computing

Software as a service [SaaS], infrastructure as as service [Iaas], and platform as a service [PaaS] are all inherently more efficient models than conventional alternatives

Cloud computing is the new mantra in the business world. For many, it represents the platform for the next generation enterprise, promising low total cost of ownership (TCO), high scalability and an easy pay-as-you-go cost structure. These advantages and more are driving its adoption across businesses around the world and are causing leading IT companies to focus their energies on the cloud and the applications that can be derived from it.

This video explains why it is imperative to embrace cloud computing, sooner than later. It is good for your business and good for the planet.

A recent study conducted in US reveals that cloud computing offers solutions for businesses to be greener and cut costs along the way. Some of the key findings include:

  1. US Companies plan to increase their investment on cloud computing from 10% of their overall IT budget today to almost 70% of the same budget in the near future.
  2. Cloud computing reduces carbon emissions by almost 86 millions metric tons per year by 2020.
  3. Annual economy-wide energy savings could be more than $12 billion/year by 2020 – that’s in the US alone!

Large companies adopting the cloud can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 30 percent. The better news is, small businesses even save more energy than the larger counterparts – up to 90 percent.

Access to the networked resources provided by ‘clouds’ enables companies to enter markets without having to meet the capital costs of building their own computer infrastructure. This is especially significant in the present sluggish market scenario, at a time when we are seeing an explosion in the number of portable devices with limited storage capacity. Access to clouds enables them to transcend that limitation and provide a level of functionality and cost effectiveness which would normally be associated with much larger machines.

Here is the bottomline: Cloud computing allows higher hardware utilization. Applications can be run on less equipment; less equipment means less energy to power and for cooling the equipment. Less energy means a lighter and happier mother earth.

1,000 cloud servers cut 50 percent of carbon emissions, equaling to carbon emissions produced by 261 homes or removing 444 cars off the road or planting 5,810 trees to offset carbon footprints. With the cloud will become mainstream in less than 5 years, the contribution of cloud computing to the environment is huge – so, you can now go cloud and go green at the same time!

Send your technical feedback to and/or your eco-feedback to

Oasis Centre Lines Up Entertainment Galore During Dubai Summer Surprises

 Oasis Centre, Dubai’s friendliest mall, has rolled out a host of promotions and contests for Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) 2011.

The activities give shoppers the chance to win up to seven BMWs, as well as AED100,000 worth of prizes including electronics and free vacations to celebrate the region’s most awaited summer entertainment and shopping fiesta.

Complementing this offering, the mall has lined-up top notch entertainment fare for the benefit of shoppers. DSS signature events such as the Maestro Mascots, Fish Mascot and juggling shows will add to the festive ambience and enthrall visitors every day at the Oasis Centre.

The mall has also teamed-up with leading consumer electronics brand Philips to host a free kids’ film fiesta, playing popular children’s movies twice daily for the entire DSS period.

Along with daily arts and crafts workshops for kids, the mall will also be conducting the Babyshop camp from 10 July – 4 August and the Funcity Summer Camp until 24 August 2011.

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