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Dubai to host Climate Reality Project broadcast

Dubai: Changes in the weather like higher temperatures, less rainfall, droughts or floods can all be linked to human activity impacting the environment, and a talk to highlight how these conclusions have been made is taking place on Wednesday night in Dubai as part of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

Streamed live on the internet from around the world, the Climate Reality Project is a new campaign launched by the former US vice president and environmental activist Al Gore to urge action against climate change.

Hourly broadcasts will take place in various locations around the world, including Dubai, by a local citizen activist personally trained by Gore. The broadcast will be followed by information on how viewers can help in their area.

Ebrahim Al Zu’bi, executive director of the Emirates Diving Association and keen environmental activist, will be presenting in Arabic live from The Shelter in Al Quoz at 7:10pm. The slides will be in English.

“This will be the only presentation done in Arabic and we are keen to reach as many Arabs as possible in the region and around the world,” said Al Zu’bi who met and was under Gore’s tutelage in China last year.

“In the Middle East we’re seeing the drying up of the Hajar mountains in Oman or the droughts in Syria. The past decade has been the hottest on the planet, and 2010 was the hottest year since 1998. We know these facts but we want to make them accessible to everyday people,” said Al Zu’bi.

Last year the UN special rapporteur on the right to food, said 1.3 million people had been affected by the four-year drought in Syria which pushed 2 to 3 million people into “extreme poverty”. On the other side of the spectrum, the Sindh region in Pakistan is under 140 percent more rainfall than ever before.

“There is a lot of talk about climate change globally but locally at grass roots level, people might sense that change is happening but they don’t have access to the information on why this is happening in their own language,” said Al Zu’bi.

The multimedia presentation viewable online will aim to showcase recent science on climate change and reveal how money motivates those who deny it.

The campaign will begin in Mexico City at 0000 GMT Thursday and end with the final presentation by Gore starting at 7pm (2300 GMT) in New York.

“Today, climate change is no longer a prediction: It’s a reality,” Gore said.

“Yet around the world, we are still subjected to polluter-financed misinformation and propaganda designed to mislead people about the dangers we face from the unfolding climate crisis.”

According to a Gallup poll released in March, Americans have become less concerned about global warming over the past two years, with 48 per cent saying they think “the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated,” up from 41 percent in 2009.

View this presentation at and watch the live stream here starting at 7pm CT on September 14.