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Shopping and Dining with a twist; CityWalk Dubai!

Adding fuel to the shopping and dining craze in Dubai, the latest multimillion dirham addition; CityWalk, has created an ambience and elegance, unlike any other mall to exist. Combining the likes of an open air mall and an orthodox closed air one, CityWalk Dubai has been able to create a shopping and dining experience quite exclusive to itself.20170209_113217

Sprawled across a total of 13,000 square meters, CityWalk Dubai is more of an independent shopping and dining locale, contrary to the concept of a traditional mall. It brings together the modern vibrancy of 21st century architecture, which is very reminiscent of Dubai’s consistent style, and the elegance and chic of early European fashion with a pinch of London.

As you step into one of the outdoor walkways here, it is able to create the illusion that you are walking through a narrow London street with small, stylish cafes and restaurants lining the 20170209_113518sides, spreading the scents of the much desired European cuisines into the air. As a familiar red postbox and red telephone booth come into view, you might be definitely convinced that with each step, London soil crumbles beneath your feet.

To break this European daze, all it takes is to look up and through the twinkle lights lighting up the sky above, you are greeted with the sight of the towering Burj Khalifa.



These walkways culminate in one common open air rotunda, featuring an infinity pool with flowing water as crisp and clear as the melting snows on glaciers. All around the water feature are restaurants and shopping stores, truly proving that shopping doesn’t 20170209_113820have to be an arduous task. There is also a newly opened movie theatre, giving the visitors a chance to relax their legs and kick back with a good film.



But do not exhaust yourself with the wide variety of stores outside, as the indoor shopping mall at the CityWalk is just as vast and exciting as the open-air.20170209_120058


The indoor walkway, apart from the cool air conditioning, is not much different from the outside as it is flooded with natural light and lined with breathing trees, while speakers send out sounds of chirping birds. The outdoorsy ambience created here might distract you from the numerous high end stores lined along the walls. The names of Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Calvin Klein and much more greet your eyes with spaces showcasing the epitome of fashion luxury.


CityWalk Dubai is located on Al Safa Road between Al Wasl Road and Sheikh Zayed Road and can be reached by taking the exit at the Dubai Mall interchange. Ample parking space is available all around with CityWalk having its own underground parking.
Coordinates: 25.2077° N, 55.2624° E


Dubai has several shopping and dining stops and choosing from them might be a hassle. But, what makes CityWalk stand out from the rest is the way it doesn’t make itself feel like a typical mall yet still providing all the same amenities. And with Valentine’s Day close approaching, CityWalk is definitely a great choice for a romantic date night or just a Friday night outing with family and friends.20170209_113852

The Latest Shopping and Dining Stop! Riverland Dubai.

Riverland Dubai is the latest addition in the star studded line up of shopping and dining locales. Located in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts, it serves as a reception area connecting all of the major theme parks; Bollywood Parks, MotionGate, LegoLand Dubai; and the Lapita Hotels.

Sprawling across 234,000 square feet, it gives the visitors a sense of serenity and peace before they choose to get their adrenaline levels rushing high at one of the adjoining theme parks. Apart from the outrageous 50 dhs parking fee, entry to Riverland is absolutely free. Riverland is divided into 5 zones: The French Village, The Irish village, India Gate, The Boardwalk and The Peninsula.

If one of the DPR buses drop you off at the Dubai First Arrival Plaza Station; then from across20170208_141831 the magnificent arch bridge, you are greeted by a quaint village with buildings made to seem like they were built in the 1600s; you have stepped into the French Village. As you look around at the green ivy growing upon the walls you are met with a very familiar logo; the golden arches of McDonald’s, reminding you that this is one of the greatest and modern shopping and dining stops to ever hit Dubai. As you walk across the antique water wheel, you are a greeted by a magnificent bed of blue.

This is the first sight of the 1km long river that gives Riverland its name.20170208_142635 Boat rides are available along the U shaped brook. For 50 dhs, the boat will take you for a 20-minute ride around the attraction; to drop you back off at the same point.

Across the river are the remaining zones of Riverland. As you stand at the banks of the river admiring the seamless merge of sleek modernity and antique extravagance, in the distance, a white building with the words;

The Irish Village; will come into view.20170208_142028

The Irish Village mainly consists of the extremely popular pub of the same name.People travel great distances to enjoy a frosty one here while enjoying the illusion that they are surrounded by Saint Patrick’s day celebrations 20170208_143727and singing Irish drinking songs. Exit through the rear of the Irish village to find yourself face to face with another zone of Riverland; The Boardwalk.
The Boardwalk, inspired by 1950s America, is a series of alleys filled with neon signage and entertainment of the glorious past, like juggling. Most of the registered restaurants are in this zone and none of them are short of extravagance. 20170208_144056


Huge signs dangle from the side of buildings constructing the impression and the atmosphere of a time travel vacation to the good ol’ America. Right beside the Boardwalk is the Peninsula.



The Peninsula is essentially a floating stage on the river where shows and extreme sport events can be held.

Straight across the Peninsula and Boardwalk looms the magnificence of the Bollywood Parks gate. In front of the gate, is the last zone; The India Gate.

The India Gate zone greets you with a larger than life installation of four hands depicting Indian dance “mudras.” 20170208_144853


Surrounding this artistic sculpture are Bollywood themed restaurants blaring out old Hindi songs and Bollywood dialogues, making you feel like you have been transported to 1990s Mumbai.

Riverland Dubai can be accessed by taking the Dubai Parks and Resorts exit on Sheikh Zayed Road, towards Abu Dhabi.
Coordinates: 24.9181° N, 55.0078° E.

Opened officially to the public on 31st October 2016, Riverland Dubai has become one of the most popular shopping and dining crazes with people piling in at any odd hour of the day; making it a huge success, proving to the world that even a lobby can be absolutely fascinating.

The BEEHive Opens its doors in Dubai!

The BEEhive, Dubai’s newest edutainment play-area for children, opened its doorsb32202325be0b3c4_org along the shores of The Dubai Canal in Business Bay last week. The concept is the brainchild of Mumpreneur, Shahdan ElKhatib; a mother to three children.

The idea of the BEEhive was ignited when Shahdan realized that more and more parents are getting frustrated from the current generation’s addiction to technology, gaming and tablets. She was quick to identify a gap and the need of developing a concept to aid children’s motor skills and cognitive skills development.84c011b197af38fe_org

“The concept was inspired from the fascinating beehive hard-working productive structure; where bees go through different developmental stages, and each stage dictates their role in the hive”, explains ElKhatib.

The BEEhive is themed to consist of many independent hives; each of different interactive activities covering Science, Music, Art and Crafts among others that allow children to explore, learn, break out of their social shell and uncover their hidden talents while acquiring new skills.    b283b772e5a6ce76_org

“We provide an environment that promotes creativity, cognitive development and exploratory play that allows children to de-tach from their virtual worlds and get more connected to their surroundings”, adds ElKhatib. The BEEhive will also be hosting regular interactive workshops for children.

Play Rates at THE BEEhive start from just AED 45 per hour while a full day pass costs just AED 95. Monthly and annual membership packages are also available.b283b772e5a6ce76_org

Furthermore, children can celebrate their birthday at The BEEhive’s dedicated party hall which promises a memorable celebration inclusive of a healthy catering menu and plenty of entertainment options.

The BEEhive caters to children from 1 to 12 years old and is located on the Ground Floor of Blue Bay Tower (next to Steigenberger Hotel) in Business Bay. For further information, please contact 04- 431 0347.


Desert No More! Dubai Introduces the Dubai Canal

Dreamt up by the late HH Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed, the Dubai Canal finally became a reality on the 9th of November 2016. Culminating in the Arabian Gulf, the 3.2km long canal winds through Business Bay from the Creek, while cutting through the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road. The Dubai Canal is one of the city’s greatest accomplishment in terms of infrastructure. While also promoting tourism to the city, the canal stands as an incredibly beautiful testament to Dubai being a metropolis where dreams come true.20161111_204237

At the cost of 2.7 billion AED, the canal is one of Dubai’s most expensive face-lifts. Ranging from 80 to 120m in width, 20161111_204954the canal hosts many iconic features that are sure to become notable landmarks in the near future. Spreading across 80,000 sqm with a 3km running track and a 12km cycling track, the canal is not short of space. The most prominent features that you cannot miss are the unbelievably complex, yet simple and artistic, foot bridges; 5 to be exact. One in particular, that has a walkway and a cycling track winding up and down it, has a giant arc that shines a magnificent blue at night making it impossible not to stop and take in the vistas. This footbridge was inspired by the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Further along the stream, we come across a sparkling waterfall emerging through the bridge where the canal cuts through Sheikh Zayed road.20161111_211439

Working from 8 am to 10 pm every day, the waterfall is mechanical and splits open like a set of theatre curtains to let boats pass through underneath. It is also lit up at night making it a prime photography spot.


At this point you might want to pull out your phone to click a few pictures for your social media; but regrettably, the phone seems to be out of charge.

Not to worry though;

20170131_122944the entire canal is lined with charging stations, pulling energy from the solar powered lamps.

The Dubai Canal can be accessed from many different locations; the most popular ones are from beside Safa Park, from W Hotel and from near Jumeirah Lake Towers. There are 1602 total parking lots around the canal so wherever you end up, parking will not be an issue.

If you don’t own a car or road based public transport is not your cup of tea, then you could take 20170131_122237the RTA water taxi that docks regularly inside the canal.

There are five stations along the canal and four in Business Bay connecting  Bur Dubai, Deira, Oud Metha, Zabeel, Karama, Satwa and parts of Jumeirah and Al Safa, totaling nine water taxi stops all around the vicinity.

The Dubai Water canal; an outstanding achievement, for a city and its citizens that not long ago looked across the city and saw nothing but sand. But that’s Dubai. We don’t see sand,we see possibilities; and under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, these possibilities are indubitably being realized. IMG-20161211-WA0011