Dumye’s Dubai Mall Doll House (Now Open)

Dumyé’s Dolls With Purpose® opened their first boutique, in the infamous Dubai Mall
(second floor next to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo) on September 2nd, 2016.
You can expect to find Dumyé’s full range of dolls available, including the much loved DIY Doll
Kits, sweet Petite Dumyés and stylish Limited Edition dolls, with some surprises along the way.“We are so excited to have found a home in Dubai Mall. This is an incredible opportunity for us
to offer our customers, from around the region, the true Dumyé experience. We’re also
working on some really special things for the new boutique including a line of our coveted
charm dolls and a collaboration with two very stylish Emirati sisters for National day.”
– Sahar Wahbeh, Founder and Creative Director of Dumyé

The quaint space is fashioned after a small doll house, made of wood and glass, featuring a
chandelier woven through a wild nest of raw cotton. Sat beneath it, is a grand white chest filled
to the brim with Dumyé’s hand-made treasures.

For the first time, customers can enjoy the hands-on experience of personalizing a Limited
Edition Dumyé doll of their own. Children are able to handpick a doll as unique as them, dress it
in their favorite limited edition clothing, write a secret message for the doll’s Purpose Pocket™
and watch as a heart, monogrammed with their first initial, is stitched to their doll’s chest.
“We believe that a Dumyé doll is a beautiful, personal and meaningful gift. Just imagine how fun
it will be to bring your daughter in to personalize a doll together for her birthday or other
special occasion.” Wahbeh added

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