have you visited police station laterly?

hello friends, i visited the police station and i was shorcked with the level of lifestyle provided for the detainees, they were trying to clean the street for good but they should be prolite while doing it, they are some times rude and with wrong mannar of appraoch, they come to jack up cloths, told pants of thir victims while they intend to arrest the person whom they were not sure he or she’s a criminal, i am not talking about the uniform police, i am talking about the CID. check out the cell, no bed, no cover cloths, the food is total trash, you have to sleep on the floor like animal whil you are waiting for you identification card to be brought to you by your spornsor or friends. it was like hell in there and i think if you dont fear humans pls fear God.

2 thoughts on “have you visited police station laterly?

  1. widemouth Post author

    if you are a criminal then be expecting a hell in prison but i am not talking about the prison, i am talking about the police station, the cell where they kept people in to sleep on the floor without cover cloths and ood meal, i thought according to human right the court only has the right to pronouce purnishment and sentence so while people are in jail they should be respected like human being till court gives judgement. not all the people arrested are criminals so the CID needs to be more responsile than allowing their position to push them, they are afraid to close mark the americans, europeans but they have all muscle and power to opress idians, pakistanis and africans, that is just discrimination and must be stopped.


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