Is Your Smartphone Taking You Away From Your Family/Friends?

Yes it is… that is why Tiffany Biscuits conducted a social activation to bring home the message


How many times do you look at your phone, tab or laptop in a day? 40, 50 or 60 times? The truth is that it’s more than that. A study revealed that the average person checks their device 85 times a day, spending a total of five hours in a day. That is around a third of the time a person is awake.The excessive use of smart devices is turning into a bigger problem for relationships, especially in our region where the internet penetration and smartphone culture is growing rapidly. Sadly, devices are replacing conversations and relationships.

Being a brand that promotes together moments Tiffany Biscuits, decided to reignite the beauty of relationships and conversations with a simple yet cute mall activation. “Today, families talk to each other on WhatsApp rather than having a warm talk at the dinner table. Technology is advancing, but the beauty of a face-to-face personal conversation is fading away”, said Mr Shahbaz Aslam, General Manager, Tiffany Biscuits “To bring back the beauty of conversations, we decided to create a special surprise at a shopping mall… the perfect place where people come to spend time together, but end up looking into their phones most of the times.”

A cute little boy was sent around the shopping mall with a gift box everyone who was busy with their phones. But there was something special about this gift box. Inside the box was a note that read, “Don’t let your phone replace, your family and friends. Put it down.” To add to the note, the people were also given packets of Tiffany Biscuits to relish the moment.

The reactions of everyone who got the box were amazing. They kept their phones away almost immediately and decided to share a talk to their family and friends who they had come to the mall with. Watch their video to see their reactions.

The video is getting great response on social media circles with over a million views in less than a week on Facebook. To add to the success of the activity, Shahbaz said, “Tiffany Biscuit plans to do many more similar activities in 2016 that will bring people back together.”

This can be a great cue for other brands to pick up simple problems that affect society & promote social good.

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Something’s Brewing At CITY WALK

Something’s brewing at CITY WALK and soon it’ll be ready to be served. A new day-to-night cafe spot is in the works of offering something good.

Opening soon, The Brass, a homegrown Dubai brand, is a unique concept developed by the community for the community, with a team of experts in coffee, to culinary, from interior design to brand – all with deep insights into both the modern ‘Third Wave’ and local and regional coffee culture.

The Brass specializes in roasts that are named and inspired by Dubai’s loved neighborhoods and districts.  It’s the ultimate new go to coffee hot spot in town, which is more than your average coffeehouse.

The Brass will provide the community, which it pays homage to, a welcoming respite, a hot beverage and an overall feel-good vibe.   Much more than just a coffee house, all will be revealed soon!

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My ‘Pronto’ Experience

Last weekend on a lazy afternoon while getting my car fueled up at the ENOC gas station, I decided to check out the Zoom Outlet. To my surprise I stumbled across a great eating place.

Pronto is an unassuming and casual modern bakery cum coffee store that serves fresh and delicious food at ‘down-to-earth’ prices. While I enjoyed my morning coffee latte with zattar croissant, I noticed that the Pronto menu offers ready-to-go sandwiches, pizza and pasta, Danish pastries, savory pies and sausage rolls.


I was informed that Pronto outlets are conveniently located at select ZOOM outlets and ENOC / EPPCO petrol stations. For those looking to visit Pronto there are a total of 38 locations for Pronto in Dubai. 28 within ZOOM outlets and ENOC or EPPCO petrol stations. 8 within standalone ZOOM Mart. One in Discovery Gardens Pavilion and another at ENOC headquarters.

Next time you feel hungry or need a caffeine fix, yalla head for Pronto. You may find me there with my friends!

Visit Pronto on Facebook.


Chef Rahman And Chef Mithun To Host First Al Mansour Dhow Festival Night With Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

 Chef Uwe Micheel and his team of young chefs, in cooperation with Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek introduce Festival Nights aboard the Al Mansour Dhow.

First exclusive night will be hosted by Chef Rahman and Chef Mithun on the 18th of February, featuring a variety of delicacies, it is no wonder these dishes have won them countless medals and awards.


Chef Rahman and Chef Mithun have been working for the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek since 2012 and hold the position of Demi Chef De Partie. They both will present the dishes as well as amazing desserts such as The Dark & White chocolate mousse with orange jelly has been first made for the participation in Dubai Salon in 2013. Which has won a Bronze medal. Hazelnut Mousse with Raspberry whipped jelly orange mousse seen the Chefs win a silver medal in 2014 for the East Coast Culinary Competition in Fujeirah 2014.

The Dessert selection aboard the Al Mansour Dhow on the 18th of February will feature Chef Rehman’s and Chef Mithun’s favorite and best mouth-watering delicacies such as, The Opera Cake, Pistachio Profiterole, Raspberry velvet cake, Brownies with butterscotch, Apricot mahalbiya, Umm Ali, Mango Blueberry & Coconut cake and much more. A gluten free version of the Dark & White Chocolate cake will be available, so everyone can try the deliciousness. 

Tribeca Launches IT Paleo Menu

On the first of February, Tribeca Kitchen & Bar launched its Paleo Menu, a healthier addition to its already organic menu that promotes wholesome eating and good living.

Paleo diet is a way of eating…. like we did way back in the days, if a caveman couldn’t eat it neither should you. Cutting out all processed food so no pasta, cereal, candy etc and eating anything one could hunt or find – meat, fish, nuts, fruits, seeds and regional veggies. It is claimed to be one of the healthiest way of eating as individuals get all the nutrition they need to stay fit, strong and lean. Some of the common benefits of this diet include stable blood sugar, weight loss, reduced allergies, balanced energy and a healthy skin & teeth.

“At Tribeca Kitchen & Bar we want to cater to a wide range of lifestyles. We already have great options including vegan, vegetarian, low-carb and organic. The Paleo menu is an exciting addition and another way that Tribeca is responding to the needs of our guests and promoting a wholesome lifestyle. We all aim to live healthier and longer, and always looking our best! I am very excited about our new paleo dishes!” said Vesna Vrankovic, Creative Director of Tribeca.

With all the ingredients sourced locally from farmers and business within the UAE, Tribeca selects only the highest quality produce. Some of the signature dishes from the Paleo menu include Aubergine Lasagna, Zuchini Pasta with macadamia pesto sauce and the mouth-watering Coconut and Chia Banoffee Pie.

With a successful year of operation, Tribeca aims to continue being the local favourite eatery and bar for anyone who enjoys a plate of goodness, sassy music and a glass of their favourite drink. In addition to its special nights, Tribeca continues to make interesting additions to its existing menu such as this Paleo menu.