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“We’ve Got Talentâ€?

Middlesex University Dubai’s First Youth Festival

DUBAI: Middlesex University Dubai’s first youth festival, that took place from Feb.15, 2009 to Feb.19, 2009, was highly successful which attracted over 300 students participating. The festival showcased the talents of Middlesex students across sports, drama, arts,?  singing, elocution and fashion. The festival, sponsored by Nestle Waters and Red Bull, was aimed at enhanced the students’ university experience – providing a right blend of academics and?  extra-curricular activities.

The events were held across different venues including Middlesex University Dubai Campus, Al Manara Sports Club, Insportz Club, and Al Safa Court, with the finale of arts performances at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center in Mall of the Emirates.

In the Eastern Group Dance category, group â€?Colours of India’ won the praise, while Mohammed Raju won acclaim for solo performance in Eastern Solo Dance category. Accordingly, the group called â€?Dancing Souls’ won acclaim for their performances in the Western Group Dance category.?  Sarah Babiker gave outstanding performances and enthralled the audience by performing solo. The highlight of the evening was a pulsating R&B performance by Ash Hamman who sang some of his latest hits.

The fashion show had?  Urban/Retro, Futuristic and Wedding ensembles, with fabulous displays of traditional Asian and African wedding attires for men and women. Sarah Babiker won acclaim in Retro/Urban category, while Pooja Kotedia outshone others in Futuristic. Sayeda Rabia impressed the audience as judges alike by her creativity in the Wedding dress category.

In chess, Ogaga Odibo bagged the winner’s trophy. Trent Park won football who championship, while second position went to Archway. Red Lions bagged the cricket tournament trophy, while Royal Black was adjudged runner-up.

The Youth Festival was organized by Dragana Symons, the university’s student sports and social activities coordinator, along with the Student Social Club. Prof. Raed Awamleh – Director of Middlesex University Dubai congratulated the students and organizers and was impressed with the Middlesex talent on display and ended his speech by saying?  “We’ve got talentâ€?

Since Middlesex University opened its Dubai campus in November 2004, there has been an active strategy to establish and develop sport and recreational activities for the student body.

Middlesex University Dubai offers specific sport scholarship for students who have excelled in sport and contributed significantly to the sporting success of the institution.

On the social and cultural front, one highly successful initiative has been the development of the â€?Cultural Club’, operating for over six months under guidance and support of Dragana Symons. This student grouping recently organised a charity event for the World Aids awareness Day, where proceedings were donated to UNICEF.
The cultural Group also encourages inter-cultural understanding by celebrating on campus the range of cultural and religious festivals like the UAE National Day, Diwali – Festival of Lights and Christmas that represent the region as well as the student body.

It is also worth noting that the Drama Club, which was founded one year ago, also takes an active part in student life. Currently, they are preparing for the Dubai inter-collegiate drama competition.

Dubai Team Wins 1St Place At The Sinbad Classic International Sport Fishing Tournament

This year’s Sinbad Classic International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) sport fishing tournament — which took place from February 19 to 21, 2009, in Muscat, saw Xtreme Derbas collect four out of eight awards, in an exciting three-day competition, which concluded yesterday with a closing ceremony presided over by the guest of honour, Dr Hamed bin Said al Oufi, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries, at Marina Bandar al Rowdha. This tournament is the fifth in the series of Arabia’s premier fishing tournament.? ?  In total, 13 teams took part in this year’s tournament with each team comprising of four anglers. Besides Omanis, there were competing anglers from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, England, Canada, Kuwait and the UAE.

The Xtreme Derbas Fishing Team is based in Dubai, captained by Kareem Derbas. The team is a mix of Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian nationals who beat their competition and took 1st place. Besides the many gifts won, including an all paid trip to Cape Town for a week of fishing, the team is now eligible to compete in the Final World Fishing Championship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2010.

The team had taken pledges from friends and family prior to the competition, and the winning means Xtreme Derbas have raised over AED 100,000 which is to be donated to the children of Gaza.

HSBC Survey: World’s Friendliest Countries

The study surveyed 2,155 expats in 48 countries, spanning four continents, between February and April 2008. Respondents rated their country in four categories: ability to befriend locals, number that joined a community group, number that learned the language and percentage that bought property.

“We conducted this survey to better understand expatriate needs and get insight into the emotions of expats. The banking business is all about trust, especially with the recent credit crisis,” says Martin Spurling, CEO of HSBC Bank International and Head of HSBC Global Offshore. “We want them to build a relationship with their wealth manager regardless of where they travel.”

For Americans, traveling abroad to start over is becoming increasingly common. America used to have it all: good jobs, booming economy, skyrocketing stock market and plentiful housing. What a difference a year can make. The boom has gone bust and people are now heading for the exits en masse — with an eye abroad.

It’s no wonder they likely find Canada so welcoming. It has an accessible language, diverse culture and low levels of government corruption, says Patricia Linderman, editor of Tales from a Small Planet, an online newsletter for expats.

In Germany, 92 percent were so lucky and in Australia 91 percent befriended those living there. The United Arab Emirates was found to be the most difficult for expats; only 54 percent of those surveyed said they’d made friends with locals. The U.S. ranks sixth among the 14 nations surveyed.

China, India and United Arab Emirates scored low overall because cultural differences from the West made integration difficult.

Dubai Poetry festival from March 4th

The Dubai poetry festival will be held from March 4 to 10 at the Madinat Jumeirah, and other locations in Dubai. A series of in-depth discussions and poetry recital sessions are set to broaden the scope of the event and assist in reviving the literary tradition that has been the mainstay of the region for several millennia. More

Details on official site of Dubai Poetry festival.

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